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            1. 建設社會主義文化強國

            1) develop a flourishing/thriving socialist culture in China

            2) build China into a country with a thriving socialist culture


            2. 兩個結合

            integrate the basic/underlying tenets of Marxism with China’s realities and the best of its traditional culture


            3. 文化主體性

            the identity of the Chinese culture


            4. 文化自信自強

            1) cultural confidence and strength/development

            2) have confidence in our culture and continue to develop it


            5. 文化基因

            cultural roots/traditions/heritage


            6. 外來文化本土化

            1) adapt foreign cultures into the Chinese context

            2) integrate foreign cultures with the Chinese culture


            7. 中華文明的五大突出特性:連續性、創新性、統一性、包容性、和平性

            1) five defining characteristics of the Chinese civilization: continuity, creativity, unity, inclusiveness and peacefulness/non-confrontation

            2) The Chinese civilization has five defining characteristics―it is uninterrupted, innovative, unified, inclusive and peaceful.


            8. 中華民族現代文明

            1) modern Chinese civilization

            2) the modern civilization of the Chinese nation


            9. 國家級文化產業示范園區

            a national-level demonstration zone for the cultural industry


            10. “愚公移山”精神

            1) Perseverance can move mountains.

            2) the spirit of the old man who moved mountains with persistence


            11. 堅定歷史自信、把握時代大勢、走好中國道路

            1) take confidence from history/boost confidence in our history, navigate the trends of the times, and follow the Chinese path

            2) take confidence from history/boost confidence in our history, understand and respond to the trends of the times, and follow the Chinese path


            12. 文化惠民工程

            1) cultural programs for public benefits

            2) public cultural programs


            13. 得民心者得天下,失民心者失天下

            1) State power relies on the people’s support.

            2) With popular support, one governs with legitimacy; with lack of popular support, one is deprived of legitimacy in governance.

            3) Those who win the people’s hearts win the country, and those who lose the people’s hearts lose the country.


            14. 山積而高,澤積而長

            1) Converging with others builds a mountain range or creates a mighty river.

            2) Hills amass to create a high mountain; streams converge to create a mighty river.


            15. 修身、齊家、治國、平天下

            Practice self-cultivation, maintain family harmony, conduct good governance, and guarantee peace.


            16. 知者不惑,仁者不憂,勇者不懼

            The wise are free from perplexity, the virtuous from anxiety, and the brave from fear.


            17. 滿足人民群眾多樣化、多層次、多方面的精神文化需求

            1) satisfy the people’s diverse, multilevel and multifaceted cultural needs

            2) meet the broadest range of public needs in the cultural and intellectual sphere


            18. 增強國際話語權

            1) amplify China’s voice on the international stage

            2) make China’s voice better heard


            19. 增強國家文化軟實力

            1) strengthen the country’s cultural soft power

            2) build up/strengthen China’s cultural soft power


            20. 守正不守舊、尊古不復古

            1) Stay on the right course without following the beaten track; respect traditions but not obsolete/outdated practices.

            2) Uphold fine traditions but not/eschew obsolete practices, and respect ancient wisdom but not/eschew antiquated thinking.




            1. 全球文明倡議

            Global Civilizations Initiative (GCI)


            2. 人類文明新形態

            1) a new model for human progress

            2) a new form of human advancement


            3. 中華民族共同體意識

            1) a sense of national identity

            2) the sense of the Chinese nation as one single community


            4. 中華文明多元一體格局

            1) Chinese civilization with unity in diversity

            2) the hallmark of Chinese civilization: unity in diversity


            5. 守望相助

            1) stand together in times of adversity

            2) reach out to help each other


            6. 共商共建共享的全球治理觀

            1) the principle of achieving shared growth through consultation and collaboration in global governance

            2) a vision of global governance to deliver benefits for all through consultation and collaboration

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